Preventative maintenance protecting your coffee.

  • Have you experienced that the coffee has been bad because of the equipment’s condition?

  • Have you experienced downtime or acute problems on your coffee equipment?

  • Have you experienced expensive and unnecessary bills on emergency services?

  • Have you experienced that the equipment’s lifetime / residual value does not meet your expectations?

Any passionate barista chooses precise brewing solutions in the pursuit of the optimal coffee experience. Precision requires maintenance.

Even with the world’s best conditions, the circumstances around the brewing equipment will vary. Regardless of usage, tempo or daily maintenance routines, some parts will wear more than others and must be replaced regularly.

That’s why we believe (and urge you to do the same) in preventive service. All experience indicates that preventive maintenance will be involved in maintaining the quality level, reducing the opportunities for acute downtime, costly emergency services and dissatisfied customers.

TES offers of a qualitative and predictable coffee day, which also extends the life of your equipment.

The service program consists of modules where all are priced per unit. machine per year. You choose which frequency and how extensive the program should be. In this way, the maintenance program will be adapted to your usage and your budgets.

Whether you want to change the wear parts yourself and / or want a coffee expert technician is up to you.

You reach us at (646) 290-7900 or